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Our Mission

The U.S. spends over
$81 billion per year

on incarceration, yet 68% of returning citizens are rearrested within 3 years.

Mass incarceration is unsustainable. Education and employment are the most effective solution in reducing recidivism rates, yet very few of these opportunities exist for those who are incarcerated. We're on a mission to build a better justice system from the inside out.

of incarcerated adults
are considered
functionally illiterate.
of incarcerated adults
do not have a
high school diploma.
of incarcerated adults
do not have access
to higher education.
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We are building
education and data tools
to expand access to
education in prisons.
Our open source technology allows states to:
  • Support re-entry with student records of achievement
  • Increase access to education and rehabilitation programs
  • Properly implement parole, good time & earned credit release policies
  • Prove with data what programs work
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We're catalyzing reform at the human level,
to help catalyze reform at
a system level.