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Coding Education

We provide free, open-source education to empower justice-impacted students.

In partnership with LaunchCode, we operate a coding education program inside of multiple facilities nationwide. We help incarcerated students embark on their coding journey, catering to individuals of all experience levels and providing the essential components needed to start learning.

Extensive coursework at your fingertips, no internet necessary.

Our 6-month flagship program teaches object oriented concepts, elevating learners' understanding of computer science. This framework provides the foundational scaffolding essential for crafting sophisticated web applications capable of seamlessly storing data in a local database, positioning learners to excel when pursuing opportunities in the field.

Instructor helping students understand coursework using securebooks.

Department of Corrections approved.

Securebook computers from a side view, top view, and straight on view.

This course is run in computer labs and/or with a Department of Corrections approved laptop that includes a metal-free keyboard, with no USB, camera or networking capabilities.

Speech given at a coding education program prison in Missouri

Proof of enrollment for
future success.

Those who complete the program on the inside will receive a LaunchCode certification of completion and are eligible for 8 credits at Washington University in St. Louis along with other participating colleges to complete the Intro to Computer Science requirements for continued education. Since this program's inception, multiple graduates have gone on to pursue computer science as their careers post release.